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With the organized retail industry in India being amongst the fastest growing in the world, at 25-30% per annum, and the increasing disposable incomes, brand consciousness, higher awareness levels, growing population of Indian youth and increased brand acceptance in smaller cities, the domestic market in fashion fabrics and garments is set to grow exponentially in the coming years.


Buyers are increasingly looking at reduction in lead times due to increased demand in fast moving fashion items by consumers, which could be achieved through collaborative planning and strategic partnerships between buyer and supplier to enhance higher flexibility in development, forecasting inventory management and supply of an entire product range.


In reciprocation with the above, We have a competitive advantage over others in our areas of Products sinceā€¦

  • We have fabric development, plain, dobby and Jacquard weaving on rapier machines.

  • We have an inventory of polyesters, polyamides, cottons, viscose, acrylics, linen, metallic, etc. all under one roof.
  • We understand the requirements of buyers for fabric design and development.
  • We offer fabrics as per the changing consumer needs in the buyer's market.
  • We strive at moving up from commodity manufacturer to a full-fledged solution provider.